Mycenean Greece

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Mycenean Greece (1600-1100 BC) is the first civilization on the mainland that spread trade as far as the black sea and built giant palaces and fortifications, and famously sacked Troy. The Mycenaen Greece were a naval nation second to only the sea people going as far as the black sea and Italy. The Mycenaean Greeks had structured society with the king at the top with district captains ruling smaller districts and gave the taxes to the king then free men who were administrators, farmers, craftsmen, and merchants, and finally the slaves who did the grunt work. The main palaces were in Athens, Thebes, Orchomenus, Iolcos, Pylos, Mycenae, Elis, Menelation, and Knossos (after they invaded Crete). This is the overview for Mycenae. Tomorrow we shall look at the history of Mycenaean Greece.