It is a mystery is that the triremes ships are the largest Greek warship to be pictured but there are larger ships like the quadireme and the quinquereme. There is even a tessarakonteres that is a “forty”! The translation for the Greek word for quadireme is “four oar” we assume it means four banks of rowers but who would make a ship with forty banks! What do you think?

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  1. It is all about speed. Maybe it needs forty banks to get the most speed. I can not imagine what that looks like. Do you have a picture/drawing of a ship of that size? When was it build?


    1. There are no pictures unfortunately. With forty banks it would be so heavy that they would be really slowed down if they did not topple! it was built just before the romans . They was only one of them and it was the flagship. It never saw battle.


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