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  • The Battle of Teutoburg Forest Part 4

    27th Dec 2020 by

    Emperor Augustus Reactions  The Roman world was shocked. Emperor Augustus himself was said to have banged his head on the wall saying, “Quinctilius Vares, give me back my legions!!!” While one the other hand the Germanic tribes were eager a lot more joined the alliance and stopped being client kings of Rome but because the… Read more

  • The battle of Teutoburg Forest part 3

    27th Dec 2020 by

    The Battle  The legions heard of a rebellion in the northwest during their march and changed course to put it down, but it was trap! As the legions entered the Teutoburg forest (modern location unknown), a storm started, and a mist settled making it hard to see. Then suddenly thousands of Germanic warriors showered them… Read more

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